Feel The Power...

If your business is heat treating or melting ferrous or non-ferrous metals, or firing ceramics, we can outfit your plant for the entire operation!


We can match your needs exactly with a custom furnace designed for either continuous or periodic operation

  •  Firing with natural gas or fuel oil

  •  Heating electrically

  •  Operating at full speed or on a controlled schedule

Our experience with carbottom, roller hearth, walking beam, in and out, tilt top and ceramic furnaces enables us to build the most efficient, economical furnace possible.


But, that's not all!

We can also rebuild basically sound heating equipment with energy saving materials. Furnace Systems specialists can...

  •  Update your combustion or control system

  •  Rework your door closure or sealing system

  •  Make repairs necessary for continued operation.

To improve the thermal efficiency of a refractory lining, we can install a ceramic fiber veneer on the hot face of the existing lining in a fraction of the time required for relining.

  •  Minimum furnace downtime

  •  Substantial fuel savings

  •  Improved temperature control

Our experienced installation crews have the know-how to cut and weld structural steel and anchor systems; to rework or install firebrick, insulating firebrick, refractory castables and plastics, as well as ceramic fiber materials.

For more information we invite you to contact us at any time! We are looking forward to assisting you with any applications you may have.


We are your complete, reliable source for industrial equipment and services!


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